What the Shell? New Security Breach Uses CHM Files to Cover Banking Trojans

Another day, another banking Trojan. As reported by Bleeping Computer, a security researcher discovered a Brazilian-based email attack that masquerades as an email from WhatsApp, then runs PowerShell commands to download and install financial malware. Full story

The Hardest Part of a Major Security Breach? Disclosing It

The Equifax breach last month was made worse by the fact that it took the company more than a month to disclose it to the public. Your organization, if it ever runs into an issue like this, will need to be faster—in part because of law changes globally. Full story

PornHub security breach: Are YOU at risk after virus attack exposes users?

The popular site has been attacked with malicious adverts that direct users to fraudulent web pages. Security researchers have exposed a long-running hack that has caught out millions of users. Proofpoint claims that the attack was active for more than a … Full story

Remove the Network Security Breach Tech Support Scam

The Network Security Breach Tech Support Scam is a Trojan from the Trojan.Tech-Support-Scam family that displays a fake Windows update screen followed by an error message, which states that your computer was deactivated due to a network security breach. Full story

Most APAC firms have suffered breach, but security still not priority at board level

Most businesses in Asia-Pacific have experienced a security breach, but 44 percent of IT decisions makers believe cybersecurity still is not a top priority at boardroom discussions. Some 86 percent of organisations in the region had suffered a security … Full story