Malware again checks into Hyatt's hotels, again checks out months later with victims' credit cards

Which is odd, because that’s pretty much what it said in December 2015 when the same thing happened – even reusing the website from that security breach for this latest cockup. Back then, Chuck offered similar … Full story

6 Simple Steps To Prevent A Corporate Security Breach

A security breach is something that strikes fear in to the heart of all business owners, no matter the size or sector. Businesses have a lot to lose if someone breaches their defences, and it’s more than just bank details, but reputations, clients and jobs. Full story

NY attorney-general probes Deloitte over cyber attack

The investigation comes one month after Eric Schneiderman launched a similar probe into a massive cyber security breach at US credit rating agency Equifax that threatened the personal details of up to 143m Americans. A spokesperson for Mr Schneiderman said … Full story

Tech tool rates applicants on 'kindness' – not just credit score

In the wake of the massive security breach by Equifax, a Victoria-based company is getting attention for developing a new screening tool that looks beyond credit scores to assess the suitability of would-be renters and borrowers. The company, named Certn … Full story

Equifax denies reports of new security breach

Equifax is investigating whether it has been hacked again, just weeks after the credit reporting agency revealed sensitive consumer data on 145 million Americans were stolen, sparking fear and outrage among consumers and government officials. Press CTRL+C … Full story

Changes eyed after VUHS security breach: Procedures, locks among the options

VERGENNES — After the Oct. 5 incident in which two Northlands Job Corps students snuck into Vergennes Union High School during school hours, an evaluation of VUHS security procedures is under way that will almost certainly mean changes to the school’s … Full story

Why CMOs should learn how best to communicate in a crisis

A firm’s first line of defence in times of crisis includes a robust communications strategy, regardless of whether it is a security breach or a natural disaster. The chief marketing officer (CMO) has tools and channels such as social, mobile and … Full story

Equifax reportedly takes down web page after report of another hack

Equifax has reportedly taken down one of its customer help web pages after reports of another potential security breach at the credit reporting company, according to a New York Times report. The company recently disclosed that a hack compromised the … Full story

Security breach legislation moving through Pa. House

I sometimes use this weekly column to answer your questions about matters relating to state government or any issue of concern. This week’s question deals with the Equifax security breach and resulting legislation. Q: I am one of the more than 5 million … Full story

JPMorgan Chase & Co. not seeing any impact from Equifax fraud

During a third-quarter earnings call for JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), CFO Marianne Lake noted that the bank was “not seeing a significant impact” from the Equifax (EFX) security breach. Continue Reading Below A data breach at consumer credit monitoring … Full story