Equifax Reveals That 15.2 Million UK Records Were Taken In Security Breach

Previously we heard that 143 million US customers data was accessed in the Equifax data breach. The company previously did not provide a lot of details about how many UK costumers were affected. Equifax has now revealed that more that 15.2 million records … Full story

Notice regarding information security breach

Statement regarding a limited breach of our information security policy We have notified the Information Commissioner’s Office of a limited breach of our information security policy. On Monday 9th October, we sent an email in three batches to a total of … Full story

Massive bug exposed T-Mobile subscriber account data to anyone with your phone number

With the the incredibly devastation Equifax security breach still fresh in everyone’s mind, you’d imagine that the security teams of any major company are paying extra attention to their customers’ data these days. For T-Mobile, the dire example set … Full story

MP demands answers from FCA on Equifax data breach

Last month, UK residents were affected by a cyber-security breach at Equifax, in which the personal information of up to 400,000 UK customers was potentially accessed. US parent company Equifax Inc. announced that a file containing UK consumer information … Full story

Australian defence information hacked

Sensitive information about Australia’s warplanes and navy ships have been stolen from a defence subcontractor, following an “extensive and extreme” cyber security breach last year. “About 30 gigabytes of data was stolen, including information on … Full story

Suspects Break Into Home of Vegas Shooter in Stunning Security Breach

One or more suspects broke into the Reno home of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock over the weekend in a shocking security breach amid an intense investigation by the FBI and police. Officer Tim Broadway of the Reno Police Department confirmed on Tuesday … Full story

Nicky Morgan demands answers from Equifax over data breach scandal

Equifax revealed in September this year that it suffered a catastrophic cyber-security breach between May and July. With recent revelations showing that the sensitive data of 15.2m UK consumers have been affected – a far higher number than the original … Full story

Deloitte Hack May Have Exposed Data From Major Government Agencies and Companies

Deloitte’s email server was compromised. Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images A security breach at Deloitte, a major accounting and consulting firm, may be much more serious than the company admits. Deloitte previously said on Sept. 25 that “very few … Full story

Nicky Morgan demands answers on data breach at Equifax

Earlier this year, UK residents were affected by a cyber-security breach at Equifax. Equifax’s UK business is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Rt Hon. Nicky Morgan MP, Chair of the Treasury Committee, has written to the Chief … Full story

What the Shell? New Security Breach Uses CHM Files to Cover Banking Trojans

Another day, another banking Trojan. As reported by Bleeping Computer, a security researcher discovered a Brazilian-based email attack that masquerades as an email from WhatsApp, then runs PowerShell commands to download and install financial malware. Full story