Equifax reportedly takes down web page after report of another hack

Equifax has reportedly taken down one of its customer help web pages after reports of another potential security breach at the credit reporting company, according to a New York Times report. The company recently disclosed that a hack compromised the … Full story

Security breach legislation moving through Pa. House

I sometimes use this weekly column to answer your questions about matters relating to state government or any issue of concern. This week’s question deals with the Equifax security breach and resulting legislation. Q: I am one of the more than 5 million … Full story

JPMorgan Chase & Co. not seeing any impact from Equifax fraud

During a third-quarter earnings call for JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), CFO Marianne Lake noted that the bank was “not seeing a significant impact” from the Equifax (EFX) security breach. Continue Reading Below A data breach at consumer credit monitoring … Full story

Another Equifax security alert as support page leads to malicious fake Flash updates

Just last month, Equifax revealed a security breach from May that exposed the personal details of around 145.5 million Americans and 15.2 million people from the UK. Now the company site has been found delivering fake Flash updates, and the offending page … Full story

Flight attendants say they're less vigorous about enforcing rules and fear being attacked

Another added, “I don’t want them to be afraid of me, but I also don’t want them to … break, or cause, a security breach, because now we tell them, ‘The fasten seat belt sign is on’ or ‘Please be seated,’ now the camera phones are coming out.” Full story

Identillect helps companies in Europe and Canada overcome cyber security threats

Email-borne cyber-attacks are the second most common type of cyber security breach according to the Identity Theft Center with the average cost of a data breach now estimated at more than $3.62 million. Despite the growing threat to businesses, nearly 60% … Full story

Is locking your Equifax credit report good enough?

After facing outrage over last month’s security breach, Equifax said it will offer a new, free service that gives consumers more control over their personal information. It’s called a credit lock, and it will allow people to decide who has access to their … Full story

Adelaide Security Breach Sees Secrets Stolen From International, $1.1 Trillion Joint Strike Fighter Project

CANBERRA — A mystery hacker codenamed after a larrikin Australian soap opera character has been revealed as stealing sensitive, high-level information about a $1.1 trillion defence project created by an alliance including Australia, the U.S, UK and Canada. Full story

Three ways to protect PDF documents

Losing sensitive data costs companies an average of $3.8 million per security breach, a recent study carried out by the Ponemon Institute has found. As well as the financial risk involved, the company’s reputation and loss of customer loyalty are also at … Full story

Equifax Reveals That 15.2 Million UK Records Were Taken In Security Breach

Previously we heard that 143 million US customers data was accessed in the Equifax data breach. The company previously did not provide a lot of details about how many UK costumers were affected. Equifax has now revealed that more that 15.2 million records … Full story