Disqus reveals 17.5 million users affected by security breach in 2012

Comment hosting service Disqus on Friday revealed that it had suffered a major security breach in 2012. The company said that it was alerted by an independent security researcher, Troy Hunt, on October 5 about the breach. Disqus has confirmed that a … Full story

Disqus Confirms 17.5 Million Accounts Hacked During 2012 Security Breach

Do you know what hackers were doing around this time five years ago? They were breaking into a database at Disqus, the popular blog comment hosting service supported by scores of websites, in many cases in place of traditional web forums (remember those? Full story

Have you ever engaged in online discussions? This massive security breach should concern you

Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft Everything is digital these days, from newspapers to magazines and communications and alike. Be it an article on gun control or a celeb scandal, we tend to share our views and engage in online … Full story

Disqus reveals it suffered a security breach in 2012

Another day, another security breach (and another, and another…). This time it’s Disqus, which is revealing that in 2012 — around the time when Engadget used Disqus for comments– hackers made off with some of its data, covering a snapshot of usernames … Full story

Equifax security breach worse than you thought, expert in Nevada says

The breach of personal information from credit monitor Equifax is much worse than the public probably realizes, a leading cybersecurity expert said on Nevada Newsmakers in a recent interview. “Whatever you’ve heard about Equifax, it’s much worse … Full story

Equifax Given Huge IRS Fraud-Prevention Contract Following Massive Security Breach

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has awarded Equifax a $7.25 million fraud-prevention contract following the company’s massive security breach which affected over 140 million consumers. According to Politico, “The IRS will pay Equifax $7.25 … Full story

Tory chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin refuses spiralling calls to quit over the PM’s disastrous speech

The party chief refused to take responsibility for the security breach as Cabinet Ministers demanded his head – but Tory insiders said he could still go later in the year. Prankster Simon Brodkin managed to storm onto the stage to hand a P45 employment … Full story

Russian-based Kaspersky software believed to been used to take classified NSA data

Russian-based Kaspersky Lab software was believed to have been used to take very sensitive and classified NSA data from an NSA contractor’s personal computer, CBS News confirmed Thursday, resulting in a significant security breach. First reported by the … Full story

Kaspersky may have been involved in biggest NSA security breach

It is almost ironic that the government body tasked with security itself become the victim of a security breach that could have easily been avoided. Then again, the NSA does have a large target painted on its back, whether it likes it or not. It is almost … Full story

Tory chairman 'refuses to quit' over P45 prankster security breach

Conservative chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin has rejected calls to quit after a major security breach at the Conservative party conference, a new report has said. Tory chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin is in the firing line over the security breach Prankster … Full story